Code of Conduct

We invite you to enjoy our facilities and ask that you abide by the following code of conduct.

  • No Smoking, Alcohol Or Bottles
  • No Littering or Offensive Language
  • No Sitting On Handrails, Stairs Or Trash Cans
  • No Yelling, Screaming Or Playing
  • No Running, Skating, Skateboarding Or Bicycling
  • No Soliciting Money Or Other Contributions
  • No Distributing Commercial Advertising Or Samples Unless Authorised By Management
  • No Fighting Or Threatening Behaviour
  • No Illegal Or Unlawful Conduct

Persons who refuse to comply will be barred from entering the Sheraton Mall complex and subject to arrest for trespass.

Sheraton Mall does not accept liability for theft, loss or damage to personal property while at the mall nor for any injury sustained by any person while on the premises.