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V        Visit Sheraton Mall; the largest shopping

                                                                                  destination in Barbados, which features
                                                                                  over 120 stores.

                                                                           I      lndulge in local, regional and

                                                                                  international cuisine in our Coca-Cola
                                                                                  Food Court. It is the perfect place to

                                                                                  a dessert.
             the Mall that has it all                                             meet with friends, grab a coffee or have

              This is US                                                          Sheraton Mall is located on the south
                                                                                  coast of Barbados and we offer a
                                                                                  convenient daily shuttle service. Simply
                                                                         S contact us at 437 0970 to arrange your
              Celebrating 30 Years                                                ride to Sheraton Mall.

              of Shopping & Service
                                                                           I      Interested in late night shopping? We

                                                                                  are open from 9AM to 9PM Monday to
                                                                                  Saturday for your convenience.

                                                                                  Treat your loved ones to a movie
                                                                                  experience at our Olympus Theatre
                                                                                  which features the only six screen
                                                                         T multiplex cinema in Barbados.

                                                                       SHOPPING SHUTTLE
                                                                  SHOPPING SHUTTLE
                                                                         9 - 9 | Mon - Sat
                                                                       9 - 9 | Mon - Sat

                                                                       Sheraton shuttle availiable
                                                                       to guesthouses and hotels
                                                                         on the South Coast,
                                                                     Sheraton shuttle available  to
                                                                        minimum of two persons
                                                                   guesthouses and hotels on the
                                                                             per pickup
                                                                      South Coast, minimum
                                                                        $10/person (return trip)
                                                                            call 437 0970
                                                                      of two persons per pickup
                                                                      $10/person (return trip)
                                                                         call 437.0970
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