At IV Play Deli we are committed to providing you with the greatest Guyanese cuisine. Our shop takes great pride in providing a large selection of traditional Guyanese cuisine that are sure to satisfy your cravings. 

We make a great effort to guarantee that every meal we serve is prepared with the highest care and attention to detail because we recognize how important food is to our culture. Along with other Caribbean staples, our menu features, chowmein, lamb stew and white rice, roti and curry and more. 

To ensure that our food is always of the best quality, we only utilize the freshest ingredients and conventional cooking techniques. Every bite, from our savory spices to our handmade sauces, will transport you to the vibrant streets of Guyana. 

Our business is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service,  and we take pride in making sure that each visitor has a satisfying shopping experience. 

Come enjoy the rich and varied flavors of Guyanese cuisine when you are here. We are eager to assist you. 

IV Play Deli   IV Play Deli

IV Play Deli   IV Play Deli