S.K.Fashions specializes in having something for everyone!

We offer a wide range of children’s clothing including t-shirts, games shorts, socks, vests, underwear for both boys & girls, athletic wear, nighties & pajamas. We also carry children's school bags, lunch bags, belts & other school accessories. We carry a wide range of toys and educational games from babies to teens for both boys & girls.

For men, we offer a wide range of athletic & sportswear, including dri-fit, pajamas, boxers, socks and belts.

For women, we offer a wide range of nightwear, including short and long pajamas sets, nighties, house dresses, casual wear, athletic wear & yoga sets.

At S.K.Fashions, you will also find a range of Barbados souvenirs & t-shirts. We also have a large selection of luggage for you to choose from.

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S.K Fashions