Mall Stands Up to Bullying | Sheraton Mall
Mall Stands Up to Bullying

Mall Stands Up to Bullying

This summer, as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Sheraton Mall in collaboration with Supreme Counselling For Personal Development rolled out a high profile anti-bullying campaign, themed Say No to Bullying, Yes to Love. Targeting school children and parents, the campaign sought to raise awareness of where bullying exists as well as to promote understanding, compassion and love as alternatives to bullying.

As the preferred stomping ground for school children and their parents, especially during the summer months, Mall Director, Sharon Oran recognised that Sheraton Mall would be the perfect partner for Supreme Counselling in reaching this group through an array of activities including reading corners, a poster competition, live entertainment, drama, social media as well as the distribution of various promotional items.

Recognising that bullying affects persons of all ages and exists within schools, businesses, homes and communities,Say No to Bullying, Yes to Love will be an annual event, while the Mall will continue to regularly promote anti-bullying messages through its social media channels and in-mall promotions.