ART 4D PEOPLE at Sheraton Mall | Sheraton Mall
ART 4D PEOPLE at Sheraton Mall

ART 4D PEOPLE at Sheraton Mall

ART 4D PEOPLE at Sheraton Mall

This year, Sheraton Mall celebrates the creative arts with its theme of CREATIVITY and its slogan; 2018 ART 4D People.


The intention of the mall is to showcase artists of all genres and categories throughout the year with exhibitions and performances on various days.


We began our year of performances on February 14th with Barry Reid, a singer who plays the acoustic guitar and freestyles during his performances. We then invited Dancin’ Africa to do a presentation at the mall on Saturday February 24th to close African Awareness Month.


3D has length, depth and height, 4D asks us to move beyond those boundaries and explore our art from a deeper perspective. Barbados is a country filled with creativity and talent that often goes un-noticed. By bringing art to public spaces, free to all, we hope to increase awareness and inspire our youth to reach for the stars!


We also invite all persons interested in being part of this movement to contact the Sheraton Mall office for additional information on this project.


We are Sheraton Mall, the mall that has it all and we are ART 4D People.