Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Sheraton Mall 2023 | Sheraton Mall
Think Pink  2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Sheraton Mall 2023

Digicel Breast Cancer

This October, we're overflowing with thanks to Digicel for being a beacon of hope and support in our breast cancer awareness journey.  Their beautiful breast cancer awareness wall stood tall, reminding us to be vigilant, caring, and compassionate.

But what truly warmed our hearts was YOU!  The incredible souls who took a moment to stand in front of that wall, snap a photo, and spread the message of strength and unity. Each photo captured was a powerful testament to the resilience and hope that breast cancer warriors and survivors embody.

Thank you, Digicel, for your commitment to raising awareness and creating a space for reflection and solidarity. And to every single person who shared their pictures and stories - you're helping to paint the world pink and inspire positive change.  Together, we can and will make a difference!

Let's keep the momentum going beyond October. Let's stay vigilant informed, and continue to support one another. Together, we can conquer anything that comes our way